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What Is Consensus Agreement

Decisions taken jointly by all must have sufficient time to reach a true consensus. Fewer decisions that are well made together are better for real flat decisions than many decisions that are whipped too quickly. Give yourself time to clarify why you want to work together / what are your common goals and often remember these reasons! It is often easier to reach consensus when one can agree on several different activities to achieve the agreed objectives – instead of trying to convince everyone else that their preferred path is the only option. Changes in consensus have been used around the world and over time. Here are some examples: the minutes contain a written recording of the meeting so that people can understand and remember what has been decided. They should be a clear and accurate summary of decisions and action points (who will do what and when). To pay debts, the municipality needed the area that the city wanted to annex to generate revenue from additional service lines. It was the community`s fundamental interest – to cling to the territory to remain viable in the future. The municipality aimed to develop an interlocal agreement with the city in order to preserve the financial integrity of the canal and avoid a default. In the absence of such an agreement, it would have been impossible for the remaining customers in the county to economically repay the remaining debts. Offering a summary of the discussion can help reassure stakeholders who are heard and focus discussions.

In general, this means removing the essential points from a debate to help people think about other avenues. Sometimes the summary of an individual contribution can help – for example, if someone has spoken for a long time and you want to verify that you all understand exactly what they are trying to say. Key components of the Quaker consensus include belief in a common humanity and the ability to decide together. The goal is “unity, not unanimity.” We ensure that the group members speak only once until others are heard and promote a diversity of thought.