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What Is A Service Agreement Uk

The firm`s office and the government`s legal department have released an updated version of the standard service contract. This version reflects changes in government policy, regulation and the market. The standard service contract is a set of standard conditions for important service contracts that are published for use by public authorities and many other public sector organisations. Service provider: A service provider is the company or person hired to do the work, project or obligation they have agreed to honour as salary. There are certain responsibilities that a client must fulfill when taking over a contractor and certain rights that a contractor has when working with a client. Let`s move on to a few that may appear in a service contract: this schedule should contain information on the price of services that may contain either one or more fixed prices or a mechanism used to determine the price. It may also contain details, for example. B the question of whether VAT is included and whether additional fees should be paid (and all protocols related to it). (a) If Qubit does not meet the uptime requirement for a given calendar quarter (i.e., the actual percentage of operating time was less than 99.0%), and if the customer is negatively affected, then as the customer`s sole and exclusive remedy and only on written request from the customer in accordance with this Section III, Qubit becomes a service credit (“service credit”) to the customer in accordance with Table 2. Stop time notification: In order to qualify for all service availability credit repairs in accordance with this Section III, the customer will notify Qubit in writing of a missing link within 10 days of the shutdown date. 8.2 Without prejudice to clause 8.1, the recipient party may disclose confidential information to the recipients of its related companies. , Employees, representatives and advisors (together the “representatives”) who must know this confidential information only in the context of the implementation of this agreement, provided that the receiving party is at all times responsible for the compliance, by its representatives, of the obligations provided by this agreement.

Each party finds that its representatives are bound by confidentiality agreements that apply to confidential information transmitted to the receiving party on terms that are no less cumbersome than the terms of this clause 8. Subject to the above, neither party is responsible for the loss, destruction, modification or disclosure of confidential information caused by third parties, provided that the loss, destruction, modification or disclosure was not caused or authorized by the receiving party. 9.3 Regardless of the above, Qubit or its employees, its representatives and subcontractors are in no way liable to the customer in accordance with point 9.1 or require the client to defend as long as the alleged breach is based on the following reasons: (a) any modification of the products or script by persons other than Qubit or Qubit`s authorized subcontractors; (b) the customer`s use of the products in a manner contrary to the terms of this agreement or Qubit`s reasonable instructions to the customer; or (c) any combination of services, software or other hardware with the products (including the script) to the extent that the infringement relates to such a combination. In order to avoid any doubt, Qubit`s compensation obligations in item 9 of these conditions do not apply to third-party content and/or third-party products accessible through additional products and/or services.