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West Moberly Caribou Agreement

The number of caribou in British Columbia has increased from about 40,000 head to about 15,000 in the last century. South caribu populations now have less than 3,100. The population of the central group of the southern mountain karibu is about 230. West Moberly says the federal government is unlikely to adopt an emergency regulation with the current agreement and that the agreement “will not migrate, fish or camp in the hinterland and will not close mills, mines or pipelines.” 57. The conditions under which bc and Canada can be used for the categories covered by Section 55 of this partnership agreement are defined in separate funding agreements. 60. The parties agree to do everything in their power to resolve disputes with respect and efficiency. Once the TWG has agreed to the measures (or a series of appropriate measures), the TWG may submit the proposed measures and related information to an independent expert with recognized caribou qualifications for mutual review and advice. Local, provincial and federal policy makers in northeastern B.C.

condemned the move and said the agreement was reached behind closed doors without their input. According to Y2Y employees, this is also good news for caribou populations, as it includes habitat protection in northeastern B.C that are positive for reconciliation, humans and wildlife. Chief Roland Willson of the West Mobery First Nations said his people have deep spiritual and survival ties to caribou, and now that the species is struggling for survival, it`s time to help endangered animals. The partnership agreement contains commitments that the parties will make to support the expansion of protected caribou habitat, including in Klin-se-za Provincial Park; Launch of a program for Aboriginal custodians; Participation in collaborative knowledge exchange and joint research; Continuing to implement effective caribou restoration measures, such as maternity pencils.B Cameron also called the agreement a “powerful moment in history” and noted that it was the first of its kind to encompass multiple levels of government and First Nations.