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Violent Agreement Def

With regard to human rights, which are clearly the subject of fundamental differences (for example, abortion. B, gun control, same-sex marriage), they still agree that the government has nothing to do to infringe “my rights,” whatever my definition. And indeed, personality rights have continued to grow over time. If you doubt it, think about where and how you can decide to live, go to work, go to school, go to school, go out and get married, know what you say, publish, and where you can choose – and how easy it is to choose – and what you can buy. In almost all cases, you have more rights than you did 50 or 25 years ago. “Don`t look now, but you`re in a violent agreement,” the line says of the couple who argue for hours just to find out they agreed long before. Angry Republicans and Angry Democrats and arguers would find such an expression absurd if they applied to their “philosophical and fundamental differences,” but that would only prove the point. It is not the last, but it is not quite the first. It is an idiom that describes a situation where two or more people aggressively try to make the same point to each other, but in different terms. All of a sudden you can realize yourself and say, “I think we are in that opinion.” It`s a game with the more literal idea of a violent dis chord (where people scream, come to blows or worse). If they are so passionate about the fact that their path is right, that no one is moving forward, then they are in a violent agreement.

Which means the phrase `violent agreement`: Okay, so, um, thank you for both being in the show. I would like to give them the opportunity to run. Of course. Uh, I`m Terrence Donnelly. And I`m CEO and co-founder of Teeps. And I`m Josh. And I`m the co-founder of Teeps. I deal with business and marketing. That`s impressive.

It`s great to have you here. All right, tell me about Teeps. Of course I do. We are a mobile application development agency. Companies are setting us up to transform their mobile business. To, for example, companies like Orlando Health, for, companies like The Orlando Magic, they need an innovation team to build a mobile application for them and create a mobile experience, um, but they have too much in-house to do it. Then they`ll hire us to be this team. It`s great. I love the way you said it. “Because your first response was that you were transforming the business through mobile devices. Is that what you said? I love it.

It`s in our work with Fervr. Oh, that`s cool. Mr. Fervr. Understand, you know how to communicate, which we do a little better. Yes, yes. Oh, wow. Well done. Because I – yes, it`s really fascinating, and listeners may remember that we had Fervr`s Shayo on a previous episode, so awesome. They all worked together. TERRENCE: Yup.

Okay, and so, just give me a little history on Teeps. When did you open the doors? Joshua: It started in 2012, but the story kind of starts before. I would say 2009. And Terrence and I met when we were in a band. So, actually, we were under contract with a label. He joined my band leaving his good job in Boston, a safe job flying with me and being a musician.