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Vantel Pearls Consultant Agreement

Hey, Rufat! A friend of mine is “hosting” a Pearl party. It was actually on Facebook Live, which was quite innovative, from what I see. I was at home to observe the children and observe the oyster holes! The consultant told us that recruitment was frozen due to the growing demand for Facebook Live parties. They are struggling to find enough oysters to support the demand for their jewellery. I`m not sure that`s true or not. As a customer, I think his jewelry is a little too expensive, but I haven`t seen him in person yet. It`s an interesting concept that has been redone with social media because it`s been around for 24 years. On their best vantel bus office page says they sell shell beads from Japan and the South Sea (Akoya). The open shells are also akoya oyster shells. However, the pearls harvested by the consultants are low-cost freshwater pearls from China. Akoya pearls do not come in peach, lavender, pink and black colored.

This knowledge is easy to find on the educational side of each bead maker. By the way. If you go shopping after shellfish or fresh oysters, when they are open, they are dead, why are these dead oyster shells closed? A chemical. Since the pearls have not been grown in these young oysters, they need a chemical after adding this fresh water for the hinge muscle to be assembled. Now the evaluation by the advisor. These fresh waters are very cheap. You can get the beads in a bowl on Alibaba for 1.50 $kaufen…. How are these pearls worth 30-50 dollars? There`s a group action for Vantel if you`re a victim.

True to home work. Family included if you wish. Vantel is unique because you can earn money immediately, and there is no monthly purchase needed to advise it. The business model does not rely on consultant purchases to cover the overload. Great compensation plan, with or without recruitment. It`s a company you can make money with in the first month without recruiting a single person. I`ve seen several nights live from FB. What I have been told by many of their advisors is that there is a hiring freeze, because they can now go faster than expected to sell.

They have also just purchased a brand new, larger building for their headquarters and their treatment, in order to better compete now that consultants can live. In general, the consultants I have observed have an average of 20 sales in about 3 hours. With that. Wing said for his cheapest item in the book is about $42 most are over. It would be at the bottom of $800 in sales in one night, you will receive 25% commission. It`s $200 for the night on sale, and again, everyone would order the minimum. Turn around the hour to get your order you bought is on the slow side of about 2 months. They expect that to change with improvements to the new headquarters. I have studied in several home businesses and most I have just had a much higher start-up rate. When it comes to Vantel Pearl`s recruitment program, if you can get someone to join the company and become your first new advisor, you will earn an additional 4% on all their sales. As I said, Vantel Pearls offers unique products and by selling a vantel pearls distributor (consultant) you mainly sell pearls.

The products are different, which means you can offer people a wide range of products to choose from. I think even if you`re super good at selling, you can gather people and make some sales in a day or in a few hours, I don`t think you can repeat the same thing every day.