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Uni Hannover Erasmus Learning Agreement

The apprenticeship agreement should include all the learning gains that the student must obtain during the exchange. Bilateral agreements: Comillas has signed agreements with universities in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Asia and Latin America. Provide hands-on learning in the direction of innovation in 4IR and ICT for a hyper-globalized world. As in the case of the Erasmus programme, applicants for bilateral agreements are selected by the school or faculty in which they are enrolled and pay their rights to the university of origin and not to the host university. Studies carried out abroad are recognized by the student`s university of origin. The objective of the course is to give students a practical overview of the various theoretical aspects of the business management program, including strategic management. To do this, a business simulator or business game, in this case the executive game, is used as a learning tool. The DUO programme is part of the ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting) process and offers exchange scholarships to European and Asian students and teachers. Pontifical Comillas University currently has exchange agreements with singapore Management University and Sogang University in Korea and several others (see list of agreements on the website). International Office, Welfengarten 1a, 30167 Hannover, Germany Phone: `49 511 762 4867; Fax: `49 511 762 4090 E-mail: SICUE (“Sistema de Intercambio entre Universidades Espa√©olas” in Spanish, or exchange system between Spanish universities) is a programme of student mobility between and between Spanish universities. This program allows students to complete a period of study at each Spanish university with which an agreement has been signed. These periods of study at another Spanish university have a duration of one or two semesters. Bilateral agreements generally do not provide for financial assistance, although scholarship and scholarship programs may exist for certain destinations.

(z.B. The Bank of Santander Grants and Scholarships) IUTBN- University of Lorraine Type of agreement – . . . Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a cosmopolitan city of more than four million inhabitants. It is the place of the Spanish government and it is the main financial and cultural center of the country. National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon – INSA Type of agreement: It is possible to obtain an official certificate or diploma and validate the credit courses (according to the policy of the university of origin). The student must accept the scholarship from the International Relations Service within a maximum of 10 days from the date the person is informed. Selection: The selection of candidates authorized to organize an exchange is made by the heads of each school or faculty of the university. They publish the lists of selected students. Deutsch Rating / translation: very good (1.0 or 1.3) / very good – excellent good performance (1.7 or 2.0 or 2.3) / good – usually solid work with some small errors (2.7 or 3.3) / satisfactory – just, but with significantly short performances Minimum criteria are not satisfactory (5.0) or not successful / failure / Passed without grade Library: with more than 550,000 volumes and about 10,949 academic and professional journals and journals.