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Supply Agreement Turkce

Bu konuda hepimiz uzla-ma i`indeyiz. – We all agree on this point. The results are consistent with the calculated figures. Anla`man`n ayr-nt-lar`szle-mede belirtilir. – The details of the agreement are stipulated in the contract. Her qualities nymphs have such chords / That I could dare with her in the grave. The results of my experience are in line with those of Michelson and with the law of general relativity. These two always seem to agree on all the details. Tom uzla-mas-né gàstermek i`in ba`n` sallad. Tom nodded to show his approval. O, on un un s-yledi`ini anla`ma olarak ald.

– She took what he said as an arrangement. Bir kira szle-mesi, ev sahibi ve kiracélara aras`nda yasal olarak ba`lay`cé Belge birdir. – A tenancy agreement is a legally binding document between a landlord and his tenant. Tum partiler i`in kabul edilebilir bir anla`maya sonunda ula-ld. – Finally, an agreement acceptable to all parties has been reached. Electronic Transfer of Funds (EFT): Elektronik Fon Transferi Interbank Interest Rates: Bankalar Arasa Faiz Orana Optimal Resource Allocation: Optimal Kaynak Da`l`m` Marginal Product Value (VMP): Marjinal `On De`eri . Marginal Propensity to Import: Marjinal `thalat E`ilimi Frictional Unemployment: Ge`ici`sizlik, Friksiyonel `sizlik Consumer Price Index (CPI): T-ketici Fiyat Endeksi (T-FE) Product Differentiation: `On`n Farkl`la`t`rmas` Explicit cost: A`k`Maliyetler, Muasebebe Endogenous Variable: “Esel De`i`ken”, “Sustainable Development” by “S-Rd-lebilir Kalknma Dirty Floating Exchange Rate System: Kirli Dalgala D-viz Kuru Sistemi Sistemi World Tourism Organization (OMC): D-ny Tur Gross domestic product (GDP): Gayri Safi Yurtiéi Has`la (GSY`H) Reduction of marginal utility: Azalan Marjinal Fayda Szle`me taslaé i`in sana te`ekkor ederim. – Thank you for the draft agreement. Average trend in Concume: Ortalama Teketim E`ilimi Silver Reserve: Rezerv Para, Parasal Taban, Baz Para .