SUPER SALE PC TUNE-UPS for a 1hr flat fee!!

NOW is the opportune time to get your computer tuned and made fast again for the lowest price in town! Come on in! See hours at the bottom of this page.

Services Offered

Winning Tech Support For Our Beautiful Small Town!

We know that technology can save time, make work easier, get things done faster, and bring new customers to your store or product.   However, when your technology isn’t working well, it can pretty much reverse all of the positive aspects, and cause unneeded stress.  That’s what we’re here for.  Please come to us with your technological woes. We have a very friendly staff, and we make it our top priority to keep your business!
We specialize in personal or business computer diagnosis and repair, We do our best to find any issues with your systems, and find a way to explain to you what those issues are, in a language that you can understand. We also try to keep our pricing competitive, so that you keep coming back for your technology needs.

Which of our services are you curious about? Please see some of our choices below!


Computer Diag / Repair


Computer being pesky? We diagnose and repair computer systems, as well as provide PC Tune-ups, and specialize in Virus and Malware removal. Competitive Rates and Winning Customer Support!

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Custom-Built PC’s


We build any variety of personal computer ranging from home internet machine, to office multi-processing work horse, to EXTREME gaming computers.  Check out our gaming rigs on display, Coming Soon!

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Website Design


Whether you are building a personal hobby site, or an in-depth website for your business, we can help you get going with a clean, professional website. We can build simple word-press sites, to full functioning e-commerce titans!

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Data Restore / Backup

If you’ve ever lost data from your personal or business computer, you already know the anxiety. Whether it’s lost pictures and home movies,  or business docs and customer data, it can be more stress than you wanted. Let us help retrieve your data!

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Can’t get your machine to us? No Problem! Let us remote in, and take a look!
Simply go to, download and run the small temp file, and call us with the 9 digit code!