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Cisco Enterprise Agreement Faq

For more information about the Cisco Enterprise agreement, please visit or contact your Cisco Account Manager. If you have covered your entire technology stack under a single agreement, you can create labs, cut licenses as you see fit, and transfer them to different hardware. This ensures that all your software modules are consistent and regularly updated with the latest threat prevention features or press releases. Enjoy a simplified and predictable approach to buying software with a single 3- or 5-year contract. “The Cisco Enterprise Agreement has allowed us to be very agile. It is the cornerstone of how we can secure the future of our centres and be able to be agile and flexible to make adjustments, as we need them and how our industry is evolving. As you can see above, the combination of all of this in one chord would be because of the way they are consumed and the fact that they usually have different teams that are responsible for each stack. This complicates consolidation. The Cisco Enterprise Agreement simplifies licensing management by consolidating the various subscriptions and renewal dates normally required to manage enterprise software licenses, up to a single agreement with uniform business terms. You can now enter into a Cisco Enterprise agreement that meets your business requirements and extend it later with the same agreement. Enterprise agreements can be applied to a large number of organizations. For example, the barrier to entering a Flex-Plans meeting on the collaboration page for Webex is much lower than for Cisco ACI deployments in an organization.

It can therefore vary depending on the architecture. The four architectures are collaboration, DNA (which includes enterprise network switch, routing and SD wan), the Data Center (which covers things like ACI, Nexus, Tetration, Hyperflex and Insights) and on the security side, you have the entire security stack. From Next-Gen firewalls to AMP, Stealthwatch, Umbrella, Cloudlock et cetera. Simplifies and centralizes licensing management with a resilient multi-portfolio contract that covers your entire global organization. The weather may vary. For some agreements, there have been a few days between the time we commit until the period when we are able to come back with something tangible that the customer can verify. For our other customers, who are a little more fragmented and usually need help to get a lay-of-the-land that can take up to a few weeks. But it`s over. Managing and optimizing software usage across the enterprise presents significant challenges, even for the most demanding IT organizations.