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Book Co-Publishing Agreement Sample

I`m afraid that too many people have a biased perspective: All the books we publish ourselves are, a stigma that we, who practice self-publishing as crafts and crafts, must constantly fight. In this sense, anyone who is not a purely traditional publisher must fight against the stigma of the Vanity Press. We indies fight prejudice by producing excellent books. Independent publishers must do this with excellent business. Although my skepticism about (just about everyone in) publishing is as great as you, intelligent authors learn business, understand the terms and evaluate each operator on a case-by-case basis. In general, it is not that difficult; Scammers exploit innocents and ignorant people: red flags fly fast enough for connoisseurs. While I generally agree with your “race” council, they even present that there are “exceptions.” I feel morally obliged not to paint these exceptions with the brush of cheaters. If several persons are considered to be the “author” of the works governed by the book publishing contract, each of these persons is responsible for complying with the terms of this contract. Dave, I think you`ve noticed the problem with kevin (and others who feel that way) that the self-editor or co-editor does nothing but format the authors, whip up a quick piece of cover art and maybe install it on a website for you – all the time, while you fall off your hard-earned money. Just as Kevin has invested a lot of time (equal to money) in the s. 500, the co-editor has invested an identical or even greater amount in building relationships that the author will benefit from. I am not here to say, spend money on things you do yourself or subcontractors. I`m just saying that the formula works both ways…

A co-editor who provides services that you don`t easily save you money (at the time – but by learning, and perhaps by investing in a little software, more investing) and also by doing some know-how (again, you`re saving time, which is worth the money) in developing some works of art that can bring out your book. A co-editor can`t put his book in a place I can`t. Its treatment is very unlikely to be superior to my current methods. Your blankets probably won`t be much better than the quality we already produce in our own home. So the end product they produce will have about the same quality and will be available in all the places I have produced through my company.