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Ax 2012 Purchase Agreement Classification

In the example below, I used the chord value instead. As you can see, if a line is added to the agreement, I can only enter a net amount representing the financial obligation for all products. Hello HHa, Good to know that you are now able to make deals. I agree with your step-by-step statement. Please select the correct answer so that others can enjoy your experience 4) If you are selected, click on external codes and you will see that the code “IC” is also available here, as the table of external codes is global. Select the code “IC” and click on the General tab and add the same value as previously added in the USMF sales agreement section: “IC value”. In the Name field, enter a description of how and where the number sequence is used. For example, if the sequence of numbers is used for sales contracts, you can enter a sales contract. 2) Then it finds the same value for the same external code in DEMF and establishes the sales contract using the classification under which the system found the IC value. Figure 10: Sales Contract Positions→ Execution Tab Figure 8: Inquire about all the call orders in the sales contract 2) Create the sales contract in USMF for the IC customer and select a type of sales contract that you have created – let`s call it “SAC IC”. NOTE: Each classification in the contract can give a value specific to external codes. And it is the “values” that link the classifications of the sales contract to the classifications of the sales contract and vice versa. The creation of a distribution contract in D365FO is thus completed.

In my next post, I will study how to create a sales order based on the sales contract. Document Title: Optionally enter a description of the free text of the agreement. Note the fields below in the sales contract header. In this three-part series, I`m going to take a look at how to work with sales contracts. The series is divided into three parts: at that time, the order does not yet exist in the form of an order. This topic describes the following important steps for setting up a sales contract or sales contract: Enter in the Name and description fields an identification code and a description of the classification of the agreement. I corrected the above by adding the “Value” section of the IC relationship to use external codes for the “agreement ranking”. 3) Navigate usmf to sales and marketing > setup -> sales agreements -> sales agreement classifications and select SAC IC and press the “External Codes” button at the top. In this window, select the IC code, click the General tab and add the following value in the value box below: “IC Value”. Click the Number Sequences column, and then look for the reference for the sales contract in the grid. You cannot delete a type of contract that is currently used for existing sales contracts or sales contracts.

Sales contract classification: select a classification for the agreement. Depending on the company`s own values, each classification may have different requirements for the agreement – for example.B. allowing subcontractors to enter contracts, allowing the seizure of insurance policies and requiring direct billing and preventing the use of release orders. To request the use of direct billing and prevent the use of sharing orders with sales contracts that use this classification, select the necessary direct billing control box. 1) If you want to use external codes for the classification of the agreement, choose “Extern” and the code you want to use to configure the IC PO value mapping in the IC relational configuration form – for this example – we call this code “IC”.