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Agreement Over Charges For The Onset Of Childbirth

In summary, the humanized model of maternity care, in which the main specialists at normal birth are midwives, has given better obstetric outcomes and higher obstetric satisfaction than the mother than the biomedical model of care. The humanized model should therefore be promoted in strategies to reduce over-medical births, empower women and promote evidence-based motherhood practices of obstetric providers, administrators and policy makers. Results Differences in obstetric outcomes were (biomedical model/humanized model): onset of contractions (spontaneously 66/137), Increase 70/1, p=0.0005), pain relief (epidural 172/132, no pain relief 9/40, p=0.0005), type of delivery (normal vaginal 140/165, instrumental 48/23, p=0.004), duration of birth (0-4 hours 69/93, >4 hours 133/108, p=0.011), perineal condition (intact perineum or fissure 94/178, episiotomy 100/24, p=0.0005). And then it`s the third or last stage when the uterus collapses or hello Santa. Okay, these are usually the events that normally take place at birth, and to illustrate it a little more, to see what happens, that it would be like a possible positive feedback. And what I mean. And what do you mean by that? It`s a positive feedback when this woman screams about the high cost of living because she pulls out a watermelon on her own. . . .