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Aged Care Labour Agreements

Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Minister David Coleman says the special visa regimes announced earlier this month will allow seniors` care facilities to access a personalized visa agreement to hire employees with the skills to meet the needs of seniors in their communities. As Australia is a migratory country, older people come from multicultural backgrounds. It has been reported that these newly introduced and approved “company-specific employment contracts” will allow elderly care providers to provide specialized services that better understand the cultural needs of residents, given that studies show that older migrants tend to feel comfortable in their mother tongue and that, therefore, professionals with a similar cultural background adapt better to these positions with elderly care providers. “FECCA welcomes the federal government`s recognition that diversity among elderly carers is key to providing quality care to older Australians,” she said. Did you know that Baptistcare has an employment contract with the Department of Immigration that allows us to sponsor foreign workers to positions such as personal careers, Disability Support Workers or Community Aged Care Support Workers? We are one of the few VA organizations that can offer this type of sponsorship. This gives our employees the unique opportunity to obtain permanent resident status as a carer or assistant worker. If you are an older caregiver, you can apply for a company-specific employment contract to sponsor you for a visa for a temporary shortage of skilled labor (subclass 482) or a visa for the Employer Appointment Program (subclass 186). As the requirements of an employment contract are quite complex and difficult to meet, please call one of our highly qualified immigration lawyers at Agape Henry Crux, where our lawyers have helped many Australian companies successfully secure their employment contracts. As an increasing number of Australian seniors need to be cared for by professional elderly care providers, immigration has introduced elderly care working arrangements to support the elderly care industry. The Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs said, “These special visa agreements will allow senior care facilities to have access to a personalized visa agreement to hire staff with the skills to meet the needs of seniors in their community.” Elderly care providers are now able to hire a foreign workforce with specific skills to help multicultural former Australians through new visa changes announced by the government. We have been delighted to help IACI maintain highly qualified staff to provide its residents with the highest level of care. IACI can now expand its services and expand the organization to meet the demand for services from the Italian community in Perth. Hammond Taylor is looking forward to growing with IACI as they look for qualified PCAs to complement their Australian roster.

As part of the provision of vital elderly care services for the Australian community, elderly care providers may apply for a company-specific employment contract in order to sponsor qualified foreign labour for a Temporary Competency Visa (TSS) or Appointment Visa (ENS). The elderly care sector is facing many challenges and changes in 2020. Many changes have been a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, others have been caused by significant case developments in the context of labour law and compliance in the wider sector. The CBF`s elder care team felt it was useful to summarize the most significant changes and provide insight into what we might see next. Paid Pandemic Holidays – Modern Rewards In July 2020, the Fair Work Commission introduced 2 weeks of paid pandemic leave for employees in the end-of-life care sector covered by the Aged Care Award 2010, the Nurses Award 2010 and the Health Professionals and Assistance Services Award 2020. . .