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Abstinence Agreement Form

Signature_____________________________ Date_____________________________ What is an abstinence contract? It is a promise to save oneself sexually for the future spouse. For it is a commandment of God, it is His commandment and his record, it is the best deal and you will be very rewarded by Him if you obey! If not, play now and you will pay later or now pay and pray (waiting and trusting God) and play later. You have the choice! As a son/daughter, I understand that alcohol can harm my body and mind and cause me to say and do things I might regret. I promise to avoid situations where my friends and peers drink minors, and I promise to call or text you to get away from these situations when they happen. The goal of the treaty is not for your child to feel trapped, but to make decisions about the consequences of their choice to use illicit substances. Create a copy of the contract for you and a copy for your child. You must sign both copies. Give your child a copy at the end of your meeting. Once the contract is signed, the meeting is over. Withdraw and let the contract take effect. Download the talk. They hear you. » Family agreement form in English (PDF | 109.3 KB) There are several steps of consequences. Choose the consequences that are important to your child and are consistent with their actions.

Some examples might be: God says: run away from sexual immorality. All the other sins that a man commits are out of his body, but the one who sins sexually sins against his own body. 1 Cor 6:18 Establishing a domestic contract is a way to help your children give up alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. It is a tool to express values and outline expectations and consequences. By signing this promise, I agree that I will have constructive discussions with you about the dangers of drinking minors. BEFORE starting the contract process with your child:. Remember that the #1 reason children decide to give up illegal drug use is because they don`t want to disappoint their parents. As your mother/father/reference person, I promise to play my part in keeping you alcohol-free.